Royal A&K – Urban Texture

Royal A&K – Urban Texture

October 2016 GreenRockCrew Official video.…

Here it is, the music video a lot of you have been waiting for, another single from Royal A&K.

This video is inspsired by the beauty of Estonian capital, Tallinn.
The whole concept of the song and the video is to show the amazing
combination of pure nature and the constantly developing capital city
of Estonia.
What we want to say is, that people should realize, that the beauty is around them every day,
so we want to share the positive vibe that made us create this song and video.

Video directed by: Riho Sommerman, Ricardo-Kristjan Rohtla, GreenRockCrew
Shot by: Gregor Reinesberg, MrMiki, Riho Sommerman, Ricardo-Kristjan Rohtla
Video produced by: Gregor Reinesberg, Ricardo-Kristjan Rohtla

Song/Lyrics by: Royal A&K…

Beat produced by: MrMikiBeats…

Special thanks to CertifiedJesus! You ain´t gonna believe this…


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